Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dirt cheap books

Yay, the OUP has a sale! And when these people have a sale, they aren't kidding — many of the book prices are reduced by 75%, many others by 50%. Books which used to cost the ridiculously high prices typical of academic presses now have prices that an ordinary person can actually afford. Books which were reasonably priced before are now dirt cheap.

And I was very pleasantly surprised by their shipping costs. I ordered six books and the total shipping costs were just £6 — one pound per book; and there's no separate per-shipment price. Compare this with, which charges £3 per book plus £5 per shipment.

However, I wouldn't be the grumpy grubler I am if I didn't also find a reason to complain. Volumes II and III of Oscar Wilde's collected works are also on sale there, reduced by 75% from the original prices, so that Vol. II currently costs £22 instead of £88 and Vol. III costs £25 instead of £100. This would be great news indeed — if I hadn't already bought these two books last year, at almost full price from Barnes and Noble. The RRPs were a bit lower then than they are now (£80 and £90), so that both books together ended up costing me something like £160. And to think that I could buy them now for a total of £49, including shipping — grrrr. Thanks a ******* lot, OUP. Thanks for nothing.


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