Monday, January 29, 2007

Sales pitch of the week

From an eBay auction for Adam Tooze's recent book, Wages of Destruction:

You are now bidding on a The Wages Of Destruction By Adam Tooze. This item can be yours on today. This is one of the most important and original books to be published about the third reich in the past twenty years and certainly the best book.


  • catastrophic design
  • list of figures
  • list of tables


(But, frankly, the design doesn't seem any worse than that of other comparable present-day books. Maybe it isn't exactly Aldus Manutius, but it isn't really catastrophic either.)

P.S. Fortunately the seller doesn't ship outside the U.S., otherwise I'd be in a major quandary. On the one hand, the temptation to buy this book for a mere $0.99 would be almost too hard to resist. On the other hand, I'd be horrified at the thought of buying from a seller with only 90% positive feedback (now that's catastrophic!) whose auction description frankly admits that “low prices come first and service comes second”...


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