Friday, February 11, 2005


Yes! Finally a post full of that blithe irrelevancy that gives blogs such a bad reputation in the eyes of many people. <sarcasm>And so unlike the weighty and sober posts hitherto seen on this blog...</sarcasm>

(1.) A girl's question in the advice column of Antena, xxxxi/6, 7 Feb 2005, p. 39:

I have big breasts. What should I do?

Let me jump in with a bit of advice: Flaunt 'em!!!

(2.) A headline from the most recent Stop magazine (xxxviii/6, 10 Feb 2005, p. 90), from an article about the upcoming local Miss Universe contest, the world finals of which will apparently be in Bangkok later this year:

Bangkok awaits the fairest one!

Either nobody noticed the double entendre, or they figured the readers won't notice it (which is probably true; after all, the headline, like the whole magazine, is in Slovenian, in which there is nothing particularly exciting about the word Bangkok), or they decided they just don't mind. Or is it just me, my mind polluted beyond redemption by all manner of perversities from the web, who cannot help noticing Bangkok and thinking "heh heh, if only half of what is usually written about the modelling business in the papers is true, the winner will surely have to let herself get banged by many cocks if she wants to succeed in her career..."

(3.) Seen in front of the casino at Slovenska cesta, Ljubljana:

No unlucky numbers here.

Of course not; a few numbers are lucky for the gamblers, while all the rest are lucky for the casino.

(4.) Next to the casino, there is a fast food joint that offers "chessburgers" among other things. I guess you get a chess figure between two slices of bread. I wonder if you get to choose which figure it is, and what it's made of. Unfortunately, being the unashamed Luddite that I am, I don't have any digital cameras or anything of the sort, so I can't provide any photographic evidence. Taking a picture with my analog camera and then scanning it would be too much effort, not to mention expense.

Update: others have noticed it too, and a photo is now available. And apparently this is not the only place offering chessburgers in Ljubljana.


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