Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Should I rename this blog to torrents of verbiage?

Or logorrhea perhaps?

It occurred to me that I used to enjoy participating in exchanges of lengthy e-mail messages with friends and acquaintances. Alas, unlike me, most of these fine people have a life, having to spend time on which unfortunately precluded them from investing an appropriate amount of time into upholding the correspondence with me. The sad result of this is that these e-mail exchanges dwindled in size and frequency, long e-mails started to go unanswered, and pretty soon I realized that the well had run dry and I had to try finding another victim. After a while I gave up and stopped writing so much e-mail; this was several years ago. Well, now I see that blogging is a very good substitute. I can spew forth as much verbiage as I want, and the blog laps it up as quickly as I can produce it; nothing ever gets rejected. Of course I don't get any replies this way, but then I don't really mind; I guess I may deep down be one of those people who think that pontification is almost as enjoyable as conversation.


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