Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our regularly scheduled advertising break

This arrived in the mail today:


lt will interest you to know that i have this product for sale dust Gold 22karat 250kg at a reasonable price.

Yeah, what's a measly $5 million between friends.

i am a citizen of Liberia based in Cote D'Ivoire presently,we have also timbers&Diamond in commercialq quatity for sale at below lnternational price.

Timber and diamonds? Also, freshly plucked chickens, rolex watches, ready-to-transplant human kidneys, and anatomically correct teddy bears. And an award (from the Nigerian Scammers' Chamber of Commerce) for the most ridiculous combination of items sold by a single company.

We have cricks of Lands in Kempamas about 750km distance from Monrovia Capital city under develop.Partnership is needed also if you are interested.

I call your Cricks and raise you a few Watsons...

P.S. Pity they don't have any of that proverbial Mali beachfront property...

lf you are interested or have somebody in need of Gold please contact me on +###-####-#### or through this email.

You want people (or, well, alien demigods) in need of gold? I'm sure Mr Sitchin can help you get in contact with the Anunnaki... :))


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