Friday, April 29, 2005

Clown and Candy

Clown and Candy.

The ugly "decorative" clown on the left was included with a package of "easter egg" chocolate candies. Who the **** got the crazy idea that people would be happy to see that ugly-ass monstrosity included with their candy? It is, of course, made in China. Now just picture this: a bunch of poor, exploited, underpaid Chinese workers are slaving their days away in some hideous underground den excuse for a factory -- why? Is it for some high and noble purpose? No, it's to manufacture these loathsome toy clowns, which then get packed with egg-shaped chocolate candies, only to be promptly discarded by the fat decadent western consumers of the said candies. A better symbol of the decadence of world capitalism could not possibly be imagined. I truly hope this is yet another sign that this abominable, inhuman system must finally be coming to its long overdue, richly deserved end.

As for the candies on the right, I haven't tried them, so I don't know what they taste like, but the name sure is hilarious. "Werther's Original" -- surely everybody's first thought on seeing that name must be: wow, suicide pills! And the second: wait a minute, didn't Werther shoot himself? Maybe it's bullets? Well, whoever invented the name either didn't read much Goethe, or they figured that the consumers haven't read much Goethe, or they decided to just disregard the association. Or maybe, who knows, maybe the founder of the brand was some portly Herr Werther with a potbelly and a self-made man's "healthy" disdain for such namby-pamby things as fiction and poetry. Anyway, the name still gives me a chuckle everytime I see it.


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